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Neil Barrett is the speaker for the Oxfordshire branch's September 2004 lecture and 2005 Christmas lecture.
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Prof. Neil K Barrett BSc PhD CEng CITP FBCS

Neil Barrett studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Nottingham University, graduating in 1983. Just two years later, he gained a PhD and the university’s research prize; York University appointed him as the UK’s youngest lecturer in 1985. In 1988 he left academe and became a consultant, specialising in UNIX and computer security.

Neil joined Bull Information Systems in February 1993, working for the R&D function in the UK, US and throughout Europe; in 1994 he was assigned to the Paris HQ for 6 months, with world-wide responsibility for secure distributed transaction processing technology. In 1995, he returned to the UK and was seconded for a year to work for the Inland Revenue’s head office in London. During this period, he worked directly with both the Inland Revenue and HM Customs & Excise boards advising on the long-term commercial and taxation implications of current technology and social trends – particularly the Internet and electronic commerce. In 1997 he was appointed as a Bull Fellow specialising in information security, the only one in the UK and one of only 12 in the whole of the 25,000-strong company.

Neil joined IRM plc as Technical Director in June 1999 and is responsible for the development of security policies and contingency plans, penetration testing and computer forensic analyses. A frequent speaker at many conferences, Neil has also appeared on several programmes to discuss computer crime and is often asked to give expert comment and opinions for the national and the specialist media.

Neil has appeared in court as a computer expert in great variety of cases, ranging from paedophilia through murder to computer hacking, and provides expert advice to lawyers and to police forces throughout the UK. He has also run penetration tests and security evaluations on a variety of government, military and financial computer systems, and he contributed to the UK government examination of computer crime and of fraud on the Internet. He has delivered graduate seminars on electronic commerce, computer crime, ethics, and information warfare at several universities. Additionally, Neil has been appointed as Visiting Professor of computer crime at RMCS Shrivenham, Cranfield University and as a Visiting Fellow of computer crime at Glamorgan University.

Kogan Page published Neil’s first of five books, ‘The State of the Cybernation’, in September 1996. Neil is the winner of the PPA 2001 Columnist of the Year for his regular IT Week contributions and his fifth book, ‘Traces of Guilt’, was published by Bantam Press in February 2004 (ISBN 0593051866) and is available from amazon.co.uk and other online bookstores. His sixth book, 'The Binary Revolution: A readable introduction to the mysteries of computers – how they work and how they got to work as they do' will be published by Weidenfeld & Nicholson (Orion Books) in April.

And he is currently writing ‘Crime, Criminals and Computers’ for Springer-Verlag.

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